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“Very well, young one, you have made a wise choice. Please begin phase two men.” Footsteps echoed towards the direction of the door, it opening and shutting. The machine was lifted away from my body and the blades silenced. A sharp pain coursed from my chest, my body convulsed outward from its shackles. Flashes of my previous experiences in that wretched hall played before my eyes in a random and nonsensical manner, enough to rouse a response in me, and therefore create a boiling hot sensation in my stomach. Most of the men in the room remarked how they had never seen something so bright and that I was showing remarkable progress. This burning traveled all throughout my body, and pooled in my hands, melting some of the metal that bound my wrists. I felt an overwhelming strength overcome me, but simultaneously a sense of dread, doubt, despair, depression, and disgust. The blindfold was slowly removed, the tears wiped from my eyes, and sweat blotted off. First thought that came to mind was the check that my own wellness, and discovered what the machine was needed for. My body was covered in small, indiscriminate cuts, meant to simulate the gashes the monsters had inflicted upon me. I now understood well why the other child had been grinded to meat. I looked at these men, no longer as tyrants, but as enemies. I roared with a ferocity I didn’t know I was capable of, the fear of them producing a horrifically violent response within me. My mind was fixated on killing, murdering, slaughtering, maiming, destroying, obliterating, and annihilating these men! They all merely smiled at my showy display of power which I barely had any control of. One of them beckoned to a side door, which they brought what looked like a prisoner of war, a demon nearly starved and beaten to death. I was lifted off the table and placed before it. She and I exchanged glances, and she reminded me of my mother. She had the same soft, pleasing manner of face, same warm look in her eyes, but she looked defeated.

“I think you know what to do Priscilla. Demons are lowly creatures, and every single one deserves to have judgment dealt to them. Who better to deliver that justice than you, our new weapon in arms?” I looked at the demon, who seemed to be wishing for death, and through my own perseverance of homicidal thoughts, I told the cloaked man I could do no such thing, after all, I could barely lift my own body off the table and onto the floor. After my response, the men exchanged glances and restated their demands in a more forceful tone. I shook my head in response. The demon was eyeing me curiously and smiled at the men in the room.

“Is this a new low Heaven has sunk to? Taking precious babies from their mothers and making them into monsters? I don’t believe any of you have the right to call me a lowly, despicable creature when you can commit such a treachery as this without even batting an eyelash.”

“You shut your mouth, you heathen! Your life is equal to that of a dog! You’re a rat, a pest, and nothing else! How dare you speak to us in such a tone!”

“When you have nothing to lose, you might as well speak your mind.” I admired her for her forwardness and bravery. I know if I was her, I would’ve never been able say such a thing to people who had my life in their hands. She smiled very kindly to me, and I smiled back, having been shown some sense of humanity for the first time since I got there. The men, immediately noticing this, drew swords and each pointed them at her. I froze, looking up at them. I was startled by their sudden severity.

“You have a choice Priscilla, kill her and live, or refuse and die.” I was a little shaken up by the evil tone of their words, only slightly pondering why it was always life and death with them, but I motioned for them to lower their swords and stepped towards the demon. I was scared, I had never killed before, even though my thoughts kept urging me to do so.

“It’s alright child, you have a long life to live. Don’t think twice about trading my life for yours, I have already lived many hundreds of years. Be a good girl and do what you’re told.” She smiled the same kind smile again. I whispered that I was sorry and would repay her kindness one day before I swiftly ended her life in a brutal manner, holding her head in my hands and squeezing till it split like watermelon. I felt a rush of relief through me, as the murderous voices quieted, but the guilt of taking a life soon replaced that. I burst into outrageous tears, falling down to my knees in a pool of her blood. I lamented, crying out my apologies over and over, hoping to earn some sort of redemption that way.

“She’s a perfect specimen, able to give into the murderous thoughts and then further fuel her power with her own guilt. I think we may have just created the perfect weapon for Heaven.”

“Wasn’t her soul made from one of the desperate ones anyway? One that just wanted to be reborn?”

“Oh yes, and look at what we’ve made with it.” The man speaking purred with satisfaction
As I sobbed, they cheered and shook hands for a job well done. I was seized at the end of their congratulations and carried off with them. I was informed I would be sent to school so that I wouldn’t be a mindless weapon, but one who was educated with the world. They told me I would come upon command or suffer the consequences. They told me I wasn’t to tell anyone of who I was, and if I so inclined, I could murder anyone I saw fit with the proper permission. They looked to be in a hurry to get rid of me, and I was dumped carelessly on the front porch of a grand academy. Along with all of possessions, blood staining my clothes, and a bloated face from all the tears shed, the men knocked and the door swung open, the others disappearing as quickly as they appeared. The man, a headmaster apparently, looked at me with contempt and disgust.

“Dear lord, not another one. Just as the children were able to get their telephone privileges back again.” I hurriedly said I was sorry and ran into the school, not giving any particular concern to those I bumped into, knocked over, or scared. At the first sight of a phone, I jumped, dialed my home phone which my mother had written out for me on a scrap piece of paper and dialed. I wanted anxiously as it rang, each dial tone causing me to get more and more impatient.

“Hello?” I heard my mother’s voice loud and clear, and I smiled from ear to ear. Before I could speak, however, the phone went dead. I looked up to see the headmaster had unplugged the phone line. I flew at him with all the hate I had, surprisingly very angry for something anyone else might’ve reasoned out. I hit him with the fiercest blows I could delve, but he showed no signs of faltering. He gave me a quick blow with a switch of his whip, the pain intensified by the medication and injuries from earlier processes in the day.

“Now, now, young lady, this is not how we behave. Sit quietly while I try to find a room for a trouble maker such as yourself.” I watched as he walked away, anger slowly sinking deep into my heart, and residing.

The rest of the events of the day and its following days were nothing much to note. I was placed in a room furthest from the rest of the students, often called a menace, given my uniform, rarely spoken to by anyone, and made an example of. The only comfort I had were the hidden bookshelves in the back of the library where I sat quietly, alone, and read. I wrote several letters to my family, shoving them into any mailbox that I could find, only to find that they would be discarded by any postman who discovered them. I waited on letters from home that never came, hoping that my family would be kind enough to write out of their own discretion. I waited for friendships to be made which never were. I wondered if my family really left as the King, or “lord” had told me. I doubted him, but that reality came more and more into fruition. My hours were filled with studying anything that I could get a hold of, since I was to be an intelligent weapon. I excelled in that aspect of the academy, but failed in every other.

On one particular day after my arrival, I was brought in front of the school to be publicly punished for correcting a teacher in their teachings. I argued that the teacher had a false argument that needed correcting, and was then whipped while all the other children laughed.

“You never second guess the teacher! They know the material better than you ever will!” I started hearing the children mumble amongst themselves, one speaking louder than all the rest. I don’t exactly remember how her voice prevailed over the others and the headmaster shouting, but I listened.

“Didn’t you hear? She’s Fallen, but with white wings. It’s no wonder that no one talks to her, she’s disgusting.” Several of the students agreed, and since I could clearly hear them, I dipped my head down in shame. I wanted to give into the tears threatening to fall or the murderous urges which were buzzing about my head, but I didn’t. That would merely prove them right, something I didn’t want. Once the crowd dispersed, I was left to write a formal letter to my teacher apologizing and to give extensive research in that subject to prove they were indeed, correct.  I had several events such as this, until I learned to bite my tongue. With each event however, I was growing stronger, stronger than I ever imagined I could be. Angels in the school would always torment me, harass me, demean me, and make me feel so worthless. I never did understand why, I just sat alone under the shade of the same tree every day, read the same books over and over until I understood entirely what they meant, and stayed silent. Birthdays would pass without presents, Christmases without cards, Halloweens without candy. In fact, for the entire time I was in Heaven, I never did hear from my parents or siblings. As time passed along, my fond memories of them blurred as I filled my head with knowledge that wouldn’t be of any use to anyone but me. I would occasionally talk to the librarian, the only decent enough to speak to me with pleasantries, and would stay in the castle where the king would keep a steady eye on me. I heard him speaking to a few ambassadors one day, praising me.

“She’s shown remarkable progress, quite possibly the best use of a piece of trash we’ve ever employed.”

“I’m so glad to hear that, I was beginning to worry that Heaven would have to go without a weapon since the fall of the last.”

“At what point will she begin to follow orders without further persuasion?”

“All in due time, she’s already been isolated, without friends or family, and most importantly without compassion. She’ll begin to cling to whoever gives her time of day.”

“Are you saying that you don’t care for your own creation?”

“Me? I care more for the servant who scrubs my feet that I do for her.”

They all started to laugh, and rather than feeling the twang of pain I would usually feel, my senses were unbelievably dull. I didn’t feel any contempt or emotional pain, my mind had just accepted it. There was nothing I could say or do that would change the orders to allow me to have friends or family, so it was best not to fight back. He returned with the smile he always gave me, now undeniably transparent to me.

“How are you Priscilla? Is there something you require?”

I didn’t say anything, only shook my head in response. He seemed pleased with my lack of fervor or demand for better food which I was never provided. It was from that day on I followed the king wherever he needed me. I was young, young and changed in a way I didn’t understand, so I followed my master as instructed.

I’ve grown now, and looked back on all the events which made me who I am. I remember in vivid detail the process of making me into a human weapon, all the humiliation I had suffered from my entry to Heaven till the day I was allowed to leave as a guardian angel. I learned that all pain experienced was meant to heighten my power, that everyone tormented and ignored me deliberately under a shady order given to every angel beside myself. The librarian aforementioned was executed for treating me like a human, I killed several traitors against the king, and went for the furthest and highest educational honors I could, for I saw no other purpose. Once released from Heaven, I returned home, though my memory of that place where I so happily spent my summer days trying to figure out who would be “Queen Rabbit”, were quite hazy. I was met by the bright smile of my sister, who embraced me with the warmest hug I had gotten from her. The disappointed look on her face from the day I left was wiped away and replaced by the smile I loved.

“I was wondering when you’d show your face around here again.” I informed her of how happy I was to see her again as well, and returned the hug. She and I spent the afternoon together, her telling me of all my new brothers and sisters, and how much bigger our family was now. She told me of my mother’s marriage to my father, how she herself had children, and a fiancé. I couldn’t have been happier for her, though my heart and mind wouldn’t allow me to show it to her. I inquired after all my new siblings individually, what her childhood years were like without me, how my mother fared with her company and several new children, all questions which were answered in utmost detail.

“We’ve all missed you around here Priscilla, you are an invaluable member of this family, just like anyone else, and I know Mom will be thrilled to see you home again when she returns from work.” Invaluable huh? My mindset wouldn’t allow me to believe that, believing that I had been betrayed by them all these years rather than missed. I knew the truth of the matter was all mail from them was discarded before it ever reached my hands, and I was never to see it, but my mind at the time believed otherwise. I nodded and smiled, something my sister seemed pleased to see. I told her how I was just as excited as she was to be home and to regain relationships where they had left off so many years ago.

“I’m glad to hear you say that, and hopefully this experience was a good one for you? I mean, to run off so suddenly after meeting strangers, merely because you wanted to go on an adventure? Tell me all about your childhood.” I was stunned, to say the least that my sister wanted to know of my experiences in Heaven, though horrors to others, were nothing less than normal for me. I described them all in a tone that matched my train of thinking, normal, leaving out the key events in my transformation which may worry anyone who hears it. I did indeed have an adventure, but it wasn’t the grand adventure everyone was probably hoping to hear from me. I had grown without them, and not in the way my mother would have wanted. I was pulled inside and showed how my room was still intact how I had left it many years ago. I smiled at the simple gesture of civility, and expressed gratitude for having lodgings kept. My mother returned a short time later and greeted me with all the kisses she gave me when I informed her I was leaving.

“I missed you so much my dear! I had never heard from you and worried ceaselessly everyday about you! For some reason, the phone line would never connect and you never wrote back.” She looked concerned about me, but I just shrugged, assuring her I had been well for the entire twelve years we were apart. It was here that I debated telling my mother about the phone call which had been abruptly ended so many years ago and wondered if I should demand more heroism from her the next time something like that occurred. I decided against it and just enjoyed the company of my family, new and old.

Late in the evening, when the summer sun had cooled, my sister led me outside, pulling me strongly by the hand. I asked frequently what we were doing and where we were heading. She just smiled a mischievous smile and pulled me further along. Outside, my sister had drawn a hopscotch course, similar to the challenge one we had the day I first spoke with the cloaked men. I informed my sister of my astonishment and she just smiled.

“We never did find out who would be Queen Rabbit, did we?” She picked up a stone hastily in her hand and tossed it to me. I caught it, and obliged to participate in the game. She and I hopped along like little girls playing without a care in the world. Though my sister was a tough match for me, I ended up victorious over her. I smiled at her and scooped up my stone as she recollected herself,

“Guess that makes you the Queen, doesn’t it? Might as well give me the first order now, the sun is setting.” I looked her, my sister ready to divulge in anything I needed done. I turned towards the setting sun and smiled to myself.

“How about we read a book?” I spoke with absolute clarity and joined my sister in storytelling for the rest of the evening.
New experiences can be delightful, can’t they? What is more delightful than taking flight and finding your own adventure out in the world? For little girls, such as myself, I never knew any better. I thought that when I was offered a journey to Heaven to be under the King himself, being watched for potential and wisdom, and then chosen from so many other little girls, I was the luckiest angel to ever spread its wings. Children my age are blind, however, to the corruptions of the world revealed to us in our later years. I reflect now, as an adult, on the complications that lead me to my peculiar and particular situation.
It all began when I was a mere 4 years old. I lived a relatively simple life, a brother, a sister, a mother, a father. I would run down hills and pick the wildflowers which bloomed in all colors when summer rolled around. I would scribble chalk until the sidewalk and I were equally as dusty. I read, drew, ran, played, skipped, and smiled like every other little girl in the world would. I only had one difference from all the others around me: a small set of white, feathered wings. My mother told me they were a gift from God and that I shouldn’t sully them with feats of strength and agility in an attempt to gain favor with the other children. I didn’t quite understand at the time why she wouldn’t want me to show my gift to the world, but I listened to her. My brother and sister weren’t ever normal either, one dotted with scales, the other surrounded by shadows. I suppose, in retrospect, that I never was truly normal; only foolishly believing my own folly. As a young and pliable mind, however, I never knew any different.
On a summer’s day, like much of the others which had already transpired, my sister and I amused ourselves with rounds of hopscotch, determined to see which of us had the superior balancing and hopping abilities. I remember my sister and I agreeing whomever should win would be crowned the “Queen Rabbit” and for the entirety of the day after, the other would serve the Queen however she deemed fit. Upon my toss of the stone and then respective hopping, I spied a curious group of men, like me, with their faces shrouded by dark cloth. I wondered why they were here and why they were so open about their gift. I pondered whether the men have received the same lesson from their mothers as I had.

“I don’t like the look of them…” My sister muttered to me while attempting to pull my gaze from them, while they looked back at me with equal intensity. I, however, would not yield and with childish curiosity, walked over to them, much to my sister’s dismay. They looked at me, then to one another, and continuously whispered something I couldn’t quite fathom. When I was finally graced with their gaze, one stepped forward to me.

“You’ve been chosen Priscilla, chosen for something special.” He seemed trusting enough to me, his cloak much fancier and ornate by comparison to the others. My eyes sparkled with wonder and I inquired as to what he meant I had been chosen for and what made it so special.

“You’re to come with us in two weeks’ time to venture into Heaven and into your next phase of life.” He smiled gently at me, and despite the glare my sister was giving them, stood firm in front of me. I was a rather shy little girl, and to be learning that I was chosen to enter the golden gates alongside all of the other good souls of world, excited me. I graciously accepted, causing my sister to look upon me with near contempt and shock, but I smiled. The group of men shuffled off to a safe distance away before spreading their wings as far as they could and flying off into the azure sky. My small and undeveloped mind soared with wonder at their wingspan, their clothing, particular manner of speaking, everything. I felt honored, even at that small age, to be joining angels the likes of them.

“Are you crazy? Do you have any idea what you may have just gotten yourself into?” My sister exclaimed, as high as her voice would allow her to go. I meekly responded that I wanted to see what they had to offer me, especially under the prospect that I was “chosen” rather than “selected”. She sighed angrily, the same sigh she employs on many occasions today, and pulled me towards home. I protested, wanting to know which of us was to be the “Queen Rabbit”, only to be quieted by a distressingly long lecture from my sister, warning against the evils of the world and how I should never trust strangers, no matter what their species was. I knew my sister was wiser, having many more years of experience than me, but I wanted to make a decision of my own. It was my life after all, and I should choose to do what I want with it.
My mother took the news badly. For the majority of this day and the day following, she either cried or scolded me, smothering me with kisses or forbidding me to even venture from my room. I understood her anguish, but I wanted to venture away. I was going to God’s domain, where she said my wings were gifted from, so I saw great opportunity there. My last two weeks at home expired as quickly as my resentment towards the negative and warning comments of my mother and sister. I had eagerly packed all of my belongings away, determined to leave whether anyone protested or not, whether I would be missed or not. I assured myself I would receive letters and telephone calls from my family; since Heaven was so kind to take me, they would surely deliver all my important mail, to and fro.
The same cloaked men came and whisked me away from my family and their tearful goodbyes. My sister’s displeased countenance remained on my mind for the remainder of the journey, but I tried not to let her suspicions get the best of my big day. The cloaked strangers talked of other children, of fine schools and education, the beauty of the blessed kingdom, and some of the particulars of where I would be staying. I took all this information to heart, ready to make a good impression on the new teachers and friends I was sure to meet and make. I remember my heart a flutter as I let my little wings carry my body up above the cloud cover, looking to the bright sun and to the kingdom beyond.
Heaven was everything I had imagined it to be when I first arrived. People flooded the gates, trying their luck with Saint Peter to try and enter, hoping their deeds were good enough to prove themselves good denizens of the Lord. I, along with the others, entered through a side gate where those who had already earned their wings could enter the kingdom. I looked all around, in every which direction my eyes would allow me, trying to take in the scenery. Golden towers and buildings rose all around me, ornamented and adorned with fine gems and pearls, making the sheen from the sun nearly blinding. I almost couldn’t comprehend how the others could walk freely despite the glare, but I didn’t really worry with questions off on a tangent. I inquired to the others when we might reach our destination.

“All in good time child, all good things come to those who wait.”
“The Lord’s grace comes often, I am sure you will be spared many for your own, virtuous life here.”
“You are special, chosen for the King’s own devices, I know a grand fate awaits you.”

I smiled and graciously accepted all of their answers despite being overwhelmed with their three, simultaneous yet heavy sounding answers. I was anxious to start my path towards a new fate, and once arrived, I ran. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me through thick and heavy brush, to what appeared to be an empty building, far from the grandeur of the others in the city. I was momentarily confused before everything had gone blank. After what felt like an eternity asleep, I awoke to being carried down a hall, surrounded by stained glass windows, each with a plain and common looking man, bearing a gift, twelve of them in fact. I looked up, half in a daze from whatever medicine had knocked me out, and saw the same men which had brought me to Heaven in the first place. I slowly and in a hoarse voice inquired about where I was being taken, which I was given no response. I tried to struggle, but found my limbs bound by chains and rusty shackles. I was being carried into a room of some sort, which I saw the door at the end of the hall just within my field of vision. The doors slowly creaked opened and blood, in all its forms, bombarded each of my senses. I heard it squishing under foot, saw it on all the walls and ceilings, smelt it congealing, and felt it slowly seeping out from under the table I was placed upon. This room had children, cold, motionless children, piled up in every corner, each beaten beyond original recognition. I was sure that not even their parents would recognize them now. Fear had kicked in within me and I began to thrash, only to be restrained by the cloaked men.

“You better keep quiet, this is an honor for someone like you.”

“You have no better use than what we intend you for today.”

“Perhaps we may be able to actually make some use of you.”

My eyes widened in terror and the tears began flowing quickly, I didn’t know where I was, who these people really were, or if the purpose they spoke of beforehand was even a  possibility now. Once again, I heard the door creak open and close, my eyes wandering over to who or what came through. I saw another man, much stronger in presence and expression, dressed in the finest clothes that I had ever seen on anyone. He stepped forward as the one of the other men tied a blindfold on me and gagged my mouth. With the loss of these two senses, my fright heightened to a new extreme, auditory and aromatic imageries filling my head.

“Is she the new vessel?” I heard a voice I didn’t at least vaguely recognize, so I figured it was the voice of the new man who had just entered the room.

“Yes, my lord, she is an excellent candidate. We didn’t have too much struggle releasing her from her family.”

“Wonderful. It’s as I always say, use the trash to dispose of the trash.”

Trash? I didn’t understand why I was being referred to in so derogatory a manner, but I stayed quiet. I feared that if I even made the slightest sound, a fate much worse than anything I could imagine would inevitably befall me.

“We’ve confirmed that her mother did indeed have filthy, demon blood running through her veins and now this child too, has the same blood.”

“It cannot be helped, I suppose. We have no other use for her. Start up the machines, we’ll begin testing immediately.”

I felt my heart rise into my throat, I didn’t know what machines they were referring to or what they would do to me, but if these were the same machines that did the damage that the other children had suffered, I had no hope in the slightest. I mumbled through my gag that I wanted my mother and wanted to go home, where I knew I’d be safe and sound, surrounded by people I knew cared very much about me, unlike these men.

“Your mother isn’t coming for you now, rat. You just sit there and suffer like all the rest of them did. Fallen scum!” I felt a rough hand come into contact with my skin and then a residual sting, which only made the already flowing tears fall faster. I heard some laughter from the others, then the prick of a few needles entering my skin. I instantly began squirming around in a vain attempt to pull them loose from my skin by some sort of miracle, but it was to no avail. More and more restraints were placed on my body while one of the men retold the story of how the child before me had wiggled around so much when warned not to, that the machine had literally torn him to bits. Upon hearing this, I slowly stopped moving, not wanting my life to end, though that seemed inevitable, through a meat grinder effect.

“Now, now, there’s a good girl. Just sit quietly and let the medicine take its effect.”  
All I could do was nod slowly and wait for death to come, something I knew was a next to inescapable side effect of whatever I was being injected with. I felt heavy weights press down onto my body, already weakened by the medication coursing through my veins, and the clank of rusty blades practically deafened me, it was so sudden. The next few minutes of my life became the longest that ever passed. I felt my vision, though already darkened, significantly blur. My head spun quickly until I was taken in by a deep sleep, and in some sort of out of body experience, mirroring the effects of sleep paralysis. I knew this was a dream, wherever I was, but it felt so real, so immersive. I ended up in a dark, dank place, surrounded by bloody bricks, chains, and other various instruments of torture. The smell was nearly too much for me to handle, and combined with the illusion of decomposing flesh, my stomach churned. I struggled onto my feet, the little strength I had rushing to my head which was trying to make sense of everything that had transpired today alone. Once my courage had been gathered, I slowly progressed down the long hall winding in front of me. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew that I needed to keep moving, fearing the worst if I stayed in one spot for too long. The silence in that place was unholy, and I had a hard time deciphering whether I found it comforting or unnerving. More and more doors passed me as I hurried along, my legs feeling as if they could give it out at any moment. All at once, a creature unlike I had ever seen before jumped up against the bars, knocking me off balance.

“Didn’t you know that I eat little girls?!” It screeched at me as I gave a scream of my own, backing up into another set of filthy, rusty bars. Another creature grabbed me by the throat, vigorously shaking me, rattling me like I was nothing more than a ragdoll. Both howled in delight, reveling in my suffering as their own personal victory. I begged and pleaded for it to let me go, my small voice cracking under the pressure. It gave a maniacal laugh in response, the stench of its rancid breath threating to relieve me of the delicious breakfast I enjoyed with my mother merely hours earlier. I longed to be back home, with my brother, sister, mother, and father, where everything was secure. I loathed my own selfish desires to be free, now wishing that I was a plain child who barely raised a word against anyone. I fed my own strength with the prospect of being able to return and apologize to those I loved for abandoning than and somehow, I managed to break free from the creature by relentlessly pounding its moldy hands with my own tiny fists. I ran as fast as I could the moment I was free, tears stinging in my eyes, perpetually blurring my vision. Next thing I knew, I tripped and fell over my own feet, rousing all manner of monsters from their resting places in the dark with the thud. One by one, they gathered around me, breaking free from their horrid imprisonments, and being defenseless, I just screamed. Beyond my own petrified screams, I heard cackles, cackles of those horrible, heartless men, and their king.

“Feed! Feed on her!” One voice boldly declared, and all the monsters, clearly starved of the human flesh they so desperately craved, dug their claws, talons, fangs, anything sharp into my tender skin. As small as I was, will all the pain I was experiencing, all I could wish for was to wake up, wake up and hope that this was all some awful hallucination I had slipped into after watching a late night horror movie. I would wake up safe in my bed, probably scared, but my mother would come to my room, whisk me up into her arms, and sing me lullabies until I fell under the Sandman’s spell once more. I had part of my wish fulfilled, and with a start, I roused from their monsters’ grasp, and into darkness. I still had the blindfold on, though the gag had come loose. I screamed and screamed continuously, hoping the door would open and my mother would be there, embracing me, allowing me to listen to her steady heartbeat. After I voided my stomach of its contents, I listened and was met with, in response, satisfied chuckles.

“Phase one complete, my lord. I’d say with confidence that despair has settled into her heart and will be manifested in a way most pleasing.” I could feel his grin even through the blindfold, just by hearing the way he spoke with sickening pleasure.

“I had certainly hoped so,” I felt a presence lean down by my ear, his breath sending shivers down my spine. “Don’t you understand Priscilla? You’re a very special little girl. Most children would never have woken up from that dream and would’ve been devoured by the monsters. You were able to escape. Do you know what that means?” I just shook my head, unable to do much else.

“It means you’re perfect. It means that you’ll defend this Heaven from the people who try to steal our home away from us. It means your life that should have never been can have a purpose. Alright?” I asked in a very shaky tone what he meant by defending Heaven and why I was deemed to have no purpose otherwise.

“You see Priscilla, your mother is of filthy demon blood and your father is an angel, pure like us. That means our blood, born of God’s good graces is tainted with the depths of Hell. We simply can’t allow trash like that to roam among us, well, unless they were sentient. I have a purpose for you Priscilla, and I’ll be your only master, remember that. There isn’t anything else for you in this world, not even your family will take you back now. You’re no longer the little girl that they raised. It’s either accept and live with a shred of decency or refuse and die. It’s your choice.” I heard heavy ornamentation jingle as he backed away, so I figured the man who came in later than all the others was the one speaking to me, and that he was also the “lord” the others were referring to. I didn’t understand, he was the “lord”, the man my mother said gave me a miraculous gift by means of these wings and that he loved us all. Why would he call me trash? Why would he say such horrible things about my mother? I admitted to the man that I loved my family and had not doubt in my mind that they would love me no matter what. However, for the purposes of preserving my own life, I told him that I would take him up on his offer. I could feel the astonishment in the room; I was either the first to make this far or the first to accept.
Priscilla (Part 1/2)
This was just a little something I wrote in hopes of getting into a literary magazine. Nothing much.

Part 2: <da:thumb id="490337788">
Princesses by thenandmshow
I got bored and drew my characters Atti and Priscilla as Peach and Daisy. Not much, just really liked it.
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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people your tag will have to answer.
4. Choose the 10 people and put them on your journal.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.
9. You can't say you don't do tags.

Ten things about me~
1. I am in my pajamas right now.
2. I love me some good tacos.
3. I have really long natural fingernails.
4. People often mistake me for a blond.
5. I have very fair skin for living in Southern California.
6. I am currently taking seven classes.
7. I've gotten accepted to three universities so far.
8. I love cats.
9. I read Shakespeare for fun.
10. I've been sick for the past week.

10 Questions given by :iconfirecacodemon:
 1 - If you could gain any super power, what would it be?
I want to read minds.

2 - While out with your friend, they slip on a banana peel. What would your reaction be?
I would be laughing for a few minutes before I help them up.

3 - Do you prefer to work in groups or prefer to work on your own?
I prefer to work on my own and get things done the way I prefer them to be.

4 - What's your favourite song?
Right now, I like I Survive by We Came as Romans.

5 - Who's your Hero?
I don't have a hero...

6 - If you were any animal, what would it be?
Cat! So I can sleep all day.

7 - If you had the power of the Death Note, who would you kill?
That, I don't know. Somebody though, definitely.

8 - What does it take for you to like a character?
Eh, a lot of things. It varies from character to character.

9 - Water, Earth, Fire or Air?
Fire, definitely.

10 - Come to the dark side, we have cookies?
That would depend on the cookie, my friend.

10 Questions for my friends~

1. How was your day?

2. Any plans for the week?

3. Are you currently in school?

4. How big is your family?

5. Favorite anime?

6. What is your favorite novel?

7. Where would you like to travel one day?

8. Do you have a tumblr?

9. Do you have any pets?

10. Favorite sweet?

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Hey! It's me Morgan. I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. I love to write fanfiction and fantasy stories as well as draw anime. I like to dance, i like rock music and techno, and I love to play video games. (Especially Okami and Resident Evil). I am a huge otaku for many things and love to read manga. I think that's pretty much it!

I love my amazing friends!
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Doubt and Trust by Access

Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
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